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Paranormal Academy

Next academy weekend - Apr 20-21, 2012 (Sold out)
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Learn the ropes of a professional paranormal investigation. An experienced group of paranormal investigators will take you from equipment to analysis using a hands on method. You will have a packed weekend, that will start at 7:30 Friday evening with a review on technique, tools and safety (personal and spiritual) as well as an informal discussion on past investigations the group has been involved with. Saturday begins with a full gourmet breakfast and a chance to explore the town. Gather back at the inn at 6:00pm to be taken to a Clinton County location for a hands on investigation. Sunday morning, enjoy a soul comforting breakfast and a rehash of the following evening. Before you leave, data from your investigation will be distributed for your own personal analysis.

The cost is based upon which room you book. For the Denver suite, total cost is $370.00. The Davis Suite is $310.00. The Ellington room is $260.00. Our room descriptions can be found on the Rooms webpage. All rates include double occupancy. For more information on this weekend or to make reservations, call Laurie Agee at (937) 383-2181
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Other academy weekends: There will be more Paranormal Academy weekends May 18-19; June 15-16, 2012.

Academy Teaches Ghost Hunters How To Get Started
Source: 10tv.com

A 100-year-old landmark is a hot spot for afterhour's brushes with the afterlife. Learn more.